Product Description

With any Braun product, the first and most important consideration is how that product can provide the ‘extra in the ordinary’ for the user and make what is an everyday task as efficient and intuitive as possible. The new Braun connected clock is the latest in that long line of innovation and offers users an unprecedented level of customization through the introduction of the first Braun clock smartphone application. With the addition of 2 x USB charging ports, the connected clock has taken what has become a modern day problem, more devices than charging points, and provided a solution.

  • Superior clarity with a VA LCD display
  • Bluetooth connectivity with remote customisation via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • 2 x USB ports for charging devices
  • Intuitive touch snooze function
  • Multi region adaptor included
  • Button cell backup battery included
  • Automatic time and date synchronisation (including DST changes)
  • Set multiple alarms / repeat alarms for desired days of the week
  • 5 alarm tone patterns with a shuffle option and 3 alarm volumes
  • 4 levels of display brightness
  • Customisable alarm sound duration & customisable snooze length
  • The Braun connected clock runs independently even without Bluetooth connection
  • 12 / 24-hour display
  • Ability to pair with multiple Braun connected clocks