Product Description

The incredibly elegant, long, graceful Panay undergarment from Kalimo intended not just for special occasions.
The soft viscose was supplemented with a lace bra, which merges fluently into straps and thus ideally supports and stabilizes larger breasts. It is an inimitable night piece of wardrobe also for the lovers of longer undergarments.
Perfect for sleep and romantic evenings for two.

The design:

comfortable, fits the right body parts
ensures high wearing comfort
neckline made of stretchy, soft lace
total length of the undergarment measured along the side seam: 96cm.

The fabric:

top quality, breathing viscose, the so called „wood silk”
softness and stretchy
lightness, air permeability

Extra product features:

lace with floral motif
underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
fabric composition: 95% polyester, 5% spandex.